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Small Size Company-5000-2500 sq/ft:

Are you struggling cleaning your office yourself or using your employees? Do not stress anymore. Bring our company's professional crew into your door and enjoy fresh and clean offices for just a little extra money out of your pocket and such a big release from your shoulders.

Medium Size Company-25,00-50,000 sq/ft

As CEO or Manager of the bigger facility your expectations from a cleaning perspective rises constantly. By becoming our Gold Business Client you will experience the professional approach adequate to your expectation.

Large Size Company/ Multiple Locations- Over 50,000 sq/ft

Is your current vendor short on equipment, stuff, or money?

Not E&e Mgmt. No job is too big for us. We are well prepared,equipped and have plenty of stuff to be filled into any size office. You can trust our reputation, years of onsite experience and constant training

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